This multimedia publication is in fact a guide to the Festival - to the fifty editions of the Warsaw Autumn, but also a guide to contemporary music the last fifty years. it aducates and antertains; it presents a picture of an - axtremely important - tradition, and at at the same time it is pleasant touch. Something for those who look for values and measures, who appreciate this phenomenon of cultural continuity, so fundamental to the Warsaw Autumn, and for those who like rummaging through dates, facts and names. For those who have already formed their information at hand, ahd who are cross with new music.

Here is an ecological DVD, a people-friendly disc about the unique,  unrivalled, extraordinary Warsaw Autumn.

Tadeusz Wielecki/Director of the Festival

DVD - ROM (version: Polish, English)

Author of idea and realisation noyamundi team

Publisher: Polish Composers' Union